A Visit in St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurter –  the cradle of German democracy

Frankfurt’s Paulskirche is one of the most important historical buildings in Germany. Where church members celebrated services from 1833, the first National Assembly of Germany met from 1848. The “Paulskirchenversammlung” (Paul’s Church Assembly) gave birth to the first constitution for a German federal state on 28 March 1849 in Frankfurt. It was here that democratic Germany took its first steps. Although the parliament failed, the building has remained the symbol of the democratic spirit until today. Badly damaged in 1944, Paul’s Church was reopened as early as 1948. Today it is a monument to freedom, unity and democracy. With a changed interior design and a new role as a monument, Paul’s Church today welcomes guests from all over the world to tell its story.

Brand new in our tour programme are “guided seated tours”: Take a seat with your guests on our comfortable folding chairs and enjoy our tours through the old town.

Languages: German, English, Italian
Guides: Mikael GB Horstmann, Birgit Jaretz, Calogera von Auw, Hannes Pflügner
Meeting point: At the entrance of Paul’s Church (Bethmannstraße), Paulsplatz 11, Frankfurt am Main

NOTICE: The guided tours in Paul’s Church can only take place during the general opening hours, i.e. between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Since Paul’s Church serves as a ceremonial hall and venue, and events are sometimes scheduled at very short notice, we will only be able to inform you shortly before the booking date whether a guided tour can take place.


STANDARD Tour (Duration: 1,5 Hours)

FEES (1.5 hours)

  • Group up to 10 people 130 Euro (excluding entrance fees and tastings)
  •  Group 11 up to 20 people 160 Euro (excluding entrance fees and tastings)
  • For 21 or more participants booking of additional guides is required.

FEES (1 hour)

  • Group up to 10 people 110 Euro (excluding entrance fees and tastings)
  •  Group 11 up to 20 people 140 Euro (excluding entrance fees and tastings)
  • For 20 or more participants booking of more guides is required.

Take a seat with your guests on our comfortable folding chair

FEES (1.5 hours with chairs)

Group up to 10 people 150 Euro incl. 19% VAT, excluding entrance fees and tastings, including folding chairs
Participation of 5 additional people with wheelchair (plus possible caring person), walker with seating or own folding chair is possible. The route is accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.


School classes are subject to special rates. Please contact us via email.

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